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"Just attended our 1st lesson this afternoon. Phonics are introduced through arts, games, songs and sensory. Great ambience and it's refreshing. Could see that much effort has been put in. The kiddos love it!"

Caroline Teo

Alyssa is passionate about everything she does! Her class today was extremely interesting. Her knowledge of phonics is phenomenal. This is exactly what we need our toddlers to be exposed to.
My daughter had a wonderful time during the entire session.
We had story telling, painting activities, etc around the Alphabet ‘A’ today. Highly recommend others to try out her class!

Sonali Bathija

A lot of thought, heart and passion was put into our first session at Pixie Phonics. Alyssa’s positive energy was infectious - and my Daughter warmed up in no time. Most importantly, it was highly educational and children learn through colours, sound and sensations. I would highly recommend Pixie Phonics to any parent- it’s never too early to build our children’s love for words. Thank you Alyssa for putting together an incredible experience for the kids!

Della Aslam Boeglin

My daughter really looks forward to her Pixie Phonics class with Alyssa. Brilliant way to teach Phonics for your little ones. Hats off to the efforts put in by Alyssa, very innovative. 

Can’t recommend it enough.

Tyna Dsilva

The classes are entertaining for the toddlers (and affordable for the parents), with learning conducted via numerous means, such as songs and musical instruments, sensory activities that make them work on their motor skills, painting, play, and many handmade props. The amount of careful deliberation, with regards to the lesson plan, is immediately evident. Plus, the house and garden area provide a lovely, non-threatening surrounding for even skittish babies.

Cherie AC

A great way to let my little one have some fun through learning! Not too intense and not too rigid - just how I like it.

Shabana S. Farhan

My 22 month old and I look forward to Alyssa's weekly classes. Her passion shines through and she is always so patient and kind. The lessons are structured and well prepared but flexible enough to appeal to all toddlers. Highly recommend!

Samantha Wang

My two year old thoroughly enjoys herself at pixie phonics! She wakes up asking to go to pixie phonics, and refuses to leave when the session is over! Alyssa is such a sweet and engaging teacher and I’m always so SO blown away by the wide variety of activities she plans for her little pixies! Pure dedication and passion! ❤️ We’ll definitely be attending Pixie Phonics for a long time to come and I can’t wait for my second baby to be old enough to join in!

Rosie Lim

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