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  • How old must my child be to join a class?
    Children of all ages are welcome to join our sessions. The age range in a typical class is between 6 months - 4 years.
  • What do we bring to class?
    1) A change of clothes+ extra set of diapers (should there be water play). 2) Water bottle 3) The clear file provided so as to systematically store materials your pixie will use during each session.
  • How many sessions do we pay for at a time?
    Packages go by 5 sessions.
  • I have a package of 5 sessions. When must the sessions be used up by?
    The sessions must be used up within three months of the purchase of the package.
  • If I have booked a session but I am unable to bring my child or my child is unwell, how much notice should I give?"
    Please note that I limit my class sizes to 5-6 Pixies so as to provide the best learning experience and personalised attention. So if you have booked a session but are unable to make it, please do provide me 24 hours notice so that the slot can be opened for another Pixie.
  • Safety concerns
    While Pixie Phonics will use its best endeavours to ensure a safe learning/playing environment, please note that the accompanying adult is at all times responsible for the care and safety of your child.
  • Cancellation of a classes by the teacher.
    Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, or lack of quorum, class days may be changed. You will be given due notice if any such changes need to be made.
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